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Develop and Learn

Through Fun and Creativity

Why Lov​e Us


At STTANS, our mission is to help children acquire a positive attitude towards school and learning. We achieve this by 


providing a​ warm and nurturing learning environment wher​e c​hildren can explore and experiment to develop a feeling of self-worth and independence. 


We are co-learners with the children helping every child become capable, competent and full of potential at​ all times. 

Excellent Programs

We offer programs to meet your families growing need for care. We love being a second home to watch our families grow!

Great Teachers

We have 21 amazing educators who dedicate their lives to caring for and educating the children of our future!

Delicious Meals

Our full day programs include a morning snack, healthy and hearty lunch and an afternoon snack. Lunch menus are prepared based on the Canada food guide and is created with your children in mind! 

Learn Through Play

Children learn Self regulation through play.  We believe that children, through play with their peers, actively learn to solve their problems, increase their knowledge and skills and express their feelings and ideas.


Our Programs



Birth to 18 months

Teacher ratio 1:3 


Age 18 months to 2.5 years

Teacher ratio 1:5 


Age 2.5 - 4 years 

Teacher ratio 1:8 

School Age

Age 4+ years

Teacher ratio 1:15 


How to Enroll Your Child to our program?

Love STTANS. Full stop. In a truly uncertain time sometimes it feels like the only thing our family could count on is that our child would be well cared for at STTANS. The teachers consistently went above and beyond to make connections and experiences with the kids and maintain Covid protocols. Could n​ot be happier with our experience at STTANS.

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